'Look how beautiful I am!' A Brooklyn-based influencer captures a sweet and impromptu interaction with her 'fav grocery store worker' on video

‘Look how beautiful I am!’ A Brooklyn-based influencer captures a sweet and impromptu interaction with her ‘fav grocery store worker’ on video

Does an impromptu interaction get sweeter than this?

Brooklyn-based influencer Molly Fritz (@molly_fritz) has put smiles on users’ faces with a wholesome TikTok video. Dressed to the nines for a work event, Molly visits her local grocery store. Unexpectedly, she sees her “fav grocery store worker” while her camera is rolling.

“Hi! Look how beautiful I am,” Molly says to the grocery clerk. Her face lights up with excitement. “Do you like?”

The clerk asks her where she’s going, to which she responds, “I’m going to a big party in the city for work.” Per her Instagram, Molly works at Glow Recipe. He proceeds to compliment each part of her outfit.

“I like your dress color and shoes… Yeah, I love it. I love it,” the clerk says. “Those too,” he says about her earrings.

(For those wanting dress deets, Molly is wearing a magenta gown from Anthropologie.)

As if the interaction couldn’t get any sweeter, the grocery clerk even snaps some pictures of Molly in her glamorous outfit.

“‘Look how beautiful I am!!’ reminds me of how we used to talk about ourselves when we were little girls”

The video racked up more than 1.6 million views. In addition to loving how wholesome the interaction was, commenters praised Molly for her attitude and energy.

“One day I wanna be like you and say ‘Look how beautiful I am’ out loud,” wrote one commenter.

“Your face lit up! You seem so sweet,” said another.

“‘Look how beautiful I am!!’ reminds me of how we used to talk about ourselves when were little girls,” someone replied.

Molly, who has over 36,000 TikTok followers, often posts videos revolving around her day-to-day adventures in New York City. This grocery store interaction is just one of many sweet moments of her life she shared on the platform.

Going forward, we have every intention of incorporating that “look how beautiful I am” type of self-love.

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Influencer shares story from footballers' party in Barcelona: He chased me and I locked myself in the bathroom...

Influencer shares story from footballers’ party in Barcelona: He chased me and I locked myself in the bathroom…

Following the case of Dani Alves, who is still being held in custody accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, there have been some other allegations made against footballers.

This week, for example, a young woman reported an alleged incident involving PSG player Achraf Hakimi.

Now an influencer named Tatiana Kisiel has opened up about a unpleasant experience she claims to have had at a party with footballers in the city of Barcelona.

“I left there crying and obviously I wouldn’t go back to a footballers’ party,” Kisiel explained on TikTok.

“The guys were arrogant and stupid, like 90 percent of football players.

“When we got there, the first thing they did was to ask you leave your cell phone at the reception, something I didn’t do because I wasn’t planning to stay in a closed place, without windows and without being able to communicate. I didn’t trust them at all.”

Tatiana Kisiel’s bad experience with a footballer

The influencer said that the party was held in a place where there were about 50 women who were waiting for the arrival of the football players.

“We were all there waiting for the players to arrive, and I wish they had not come because the party was better without them,” she added.

“On my way to the bathroom I met one of the players shouting at one of the girls and I started to record it.

“He realized it and started to chase me. I locked myself in the bathroom and he was banging on the door until he got me to leave and erase the video.”

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Celebs and TikTok influencers repeatedly fall into 'black ice' ponds at £1billion hotel in Dubai

Celebs and TikTok influencers repeatedly fall into ‘black ice’ ponds at £1billion hotel in Dubai

By Charlotte Griffith Editor At Large For The Mail On Sunday

22:00 04 Mar 2023, updated 23:19 04 Mar 2023

  •  The hotel , has been designed to capture the attention of TikTok influencers 
  • During the opening weekend alone, 18 guests tripped into the water 

Bosses at a £1 billion hotel are rethinking its bold interior design concept after a succession of stars and influencers fell into its indoor ponds.

Dubai’s Atlantis The Royal, which opened last month with a launch party headlined by singer Beyoncé, has been designed to capture the attention of social-media influencers, with lavish features including pools peppered throughout its lobbies and corridors.

But the water features, which are set into black marble, have been dubbed ‘black ice’ by guests, who have mistaken them for part of the floor. A succession of TikTokers, celebrities and Instagram-users have slipped into the ponds since the hotel opened on February 20.

During the opening weekend alone, 18 guests tripped into the water.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the hotel’s management have been forced to install safety measures in an effort to avoid further accidents.

Dubai¿s Atlantis The Royal, which opened last month with a launch party headlined by singer Beyoncé, has been designed to capture the attention of social-media influencers, with lavish features including pools peppered throughout its lobbies and corridors
But the water features, which are set into black marble, have been dubbed ¿black ice¿ by guests, who have mistaken them for part of the floor. A succession of TikTokers, celebrities and Instagram-users have slipped into the ponds since the hotel, picture,  opened on February 20

One guest who took a tumble was TV news anchor Andrea Crothers, who fell into one of the black-marble ponds during a live broadcast for Australia’s Today Show.

She wrote afterwards: ‘What a bloody night… I should also mention I fell off the red carpet into a full pond of water, soaking me up to my waist. Thank goodness sequins hide all manner of sins.’

One TikTok influencer’s video of her experience has gone viral, with 984,000 views showing her walking into a pond while admiring the lobby’s famous ‘droplets’ sculpture.

More than 14,000 comments were posted under the video, with one person writing ‘That water is too calm, they need to get it moving’, and another exclaiming: ‘Honestly, that’s a safety hazard.’

A source at the hotel said: ‘People have been stepping on the ponds thinking they are marble, not water. There has been a face-plant video going round. On the walkway there are black-marble troughs of water and we’ve had members of staff placed around them to help people see where they’re going and signalling the edge.’

Pictures obtained by the MoS show that velvet ropes have since been put up around one water display to stop people falling in and damaging its centrepiece sculpture of Louis Vuitton suitcases stacked up to look like building blocks.

A source at the hotel said: ¿People have been stepping on the ponds thinking they are marble, not water. There has been a face-plant video going round. On the walkway there are black-marble troughs of water and we¿ve had members of staff placed around them to help people see where they¿re going and signalling the edge.¿

Hotel insiders say a more permanent solution is being sought and that management meetings have taken place to work out what to do next. A source said: ‘There is a major design flaw, which is ironic given how much the project cost to build and the fact that it was designed to encourage influencers to experience the building through the lens of the iPhone.

‘It is in need of a major redesign to take influencers into account because so many don’t look where they are going.’

The five-star resort, built on Dubai’s famous tree-shaped artificial island the Jumeirah Palm, was designed by renowned architect Kohn Pedersen Fox.

The 43-storey hotel has become an instant attraction for British tourists, who are visiting in droves to marvel at the building’s gravity-defying structure and swanky amenities including 20ft-tall Lasvit crystal lava trees, 90 swimming pools and the ‘world’s largest’ jellyfish tank.

More than 1,000 journalists and influencers were invited to enjoy the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opening weekend, joined by celebrities including Jodie Kidd, Made In Chelsea couple Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor, TV presenter Mark Wright and This Morning host Rochelle Humes.

The weekend culminated in a fireworks display that lit up the Dubai skyline and a Beyoncé performance that moved Vogue editor Edward Enninful and Idris Elba’s model wife Sabrina to tears.

A spokesman for the hotel said: ‘It’s a new hotel, just opened – once people are in it and using it, things will change to make sure it’s fit for purpose and it’s seamless.

‘The aesthetic of the hotel, in line with how it’s used by consumers, is always under review – as it should be at any hotel.’

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TikTok Influencer Goes Viral Joking About Marrying Her Stepdad – OutKick

TikTok Influencer Goes Viral Joking About Marrying Her Stepdad – OutKick

The world is a crazy place and social media isn’t helping at all. The latest example of this comes from a TikTok influencer who recently tied the knot.

Christywho_, who has 108,000 TikTok followers, posted a video on the social media app joking about her recent Las Vegas wedding. The text overlay of the clip reads, “Marrying my step dad was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Influencer jokes about marrying her stepdad (Image Credit: Christywho_/TikTok)

She added the hashtags “marry your mom’s ex” and “it’s worth it” to sell the fact that she had just tied the knot with her stepdad. More than 20 million views later the video is still up and is still getting a ton of attention.

The six second video shows the newlyweds celebrating the fact that they had just exchanged vows and made their marriage official. Well, prior to the wedding night anyway.

The bride, as one does when a video goes insanely viral, had to drop a follow-up video to “clear some things up.” She then goes through a series of questions that were undoubtedly asked in the comment section.

  • Was I ‘groomed’?
  • Did my step dad raise me?
  • Was I a minor when I met him?
  • Do me and my mom still talk?
  • Did he have kids with my mom?

All of the answers to the questions in the follow-up clip were no. Except for the one about her and her mom still talking. That answer was a yes.

So as of right now, we’ve got a heavily tattooed woman who has married her stepdad. But she wasn’t groomed, he didn’t raise her because they met as adults, she’s still on good terms with her mother, and her mom never had any kids with him.

All of that seems like a reasonable story. Like most, I’m a sucker for a good stepdad and adult stepdaughter love story. We can’t help who we fall in love with.

Except this love story is all a lie. Well, not the fact that these two got hitched in Vegas. That part is apparently real. But he’s not her stepdad. The internet has been duped.

Days after dropping the stepdad story and dragging it out, Christywho_ finally came clean. She shared the real story about how her “stepdad” was actually her deceased brother’s best friend.

Marrying your stepdad is one thing, but your brother’s best friend – that crosses the line. I wish them luck, but I hope for the sake of their kids they’re in counseling.

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Influencer applauded for refusing to swap seats so family can sit together on flight

Influencer applauded for refusing to swap seats so family can sit together on flight

An influencer has been applauded for refusing to swap seats on a flight so a family could sit together.

In a TikTok post which has now garnered more than 900,000 views, Audrey Peters toasts the camera with a glass of fizz.

The caption “when a family asks me to switch seats on the plane so they can sit together”, followed by a raised eyebrow emoji, is written across the video.

Background audio is heard playing the expletives: “f**k them kids and f**k you too”, as an apparent statement of defiance about the request.

The post’s caption reads: “No I’m not switching for a middle seat book your flights earlier babes,” underlining that Ms Peters was not impressed to be asked to swap for a less comfortable plane position.

US social media influencer Ms Peters appeared to be travelling to France for Paris Fashion Week in first class while filming the video.

Users were quick to comment underneath, with many applauding Ms Peters for taking a stand.

“As a mom, I fully agree! It’s only okay if your new seat would be better than the one you paid for!,” one posted.

“I’m a mom too and 100 per cent agree!’, another parent said, adding: “I book early to get us all together or we choose a different flight. Enjoy that champs!”

Meanwhile, others said passengers should plan ahead to get the seats they want.

“I’m so sick of people thinking it’s OK to disrupt someone for their lack of planning,” one person typed, while someone else asked: “Do they not realise you planned ahead and picked that seat?”.

Another user countered that families don’t always need to sit together. “My parents purposely booked my whole fam apart so we couldn’t fight,” they said.

After one person pointed out that sometimes people are separated through no fault of their own, Ms Peters replied: “This is an exception!! Totally get it when the airline screws you.”

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TikTok, Instagram influencer accused of ‘mistreating’ her dogs by online detractors defends herself

A social media influencer is fighting back after internet users claim she is “mistreating” her dogs. 

Amelia Barrable is a dog mom to 11-year-old West Highland terrier, Louby, and a two-year-old cocker spaniel named Orbie, according to Jam Press.

The Northamptonshire, England, resident has over 400,000 account followers across Instagram and TikTok — all fans following the two accounts dedicated to her pups. 


The two dogs became popular online and have even made a TV appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent,” Jam Press reported.

Two years ago, Barrable and her first dog, Louby, right welcomed Orbie, left, who is just as talented but required “a lot of patience and treats” as a puppy, Barrable said. (Jam Press)

Recently, however, Barrable has been receiving hate online from viewers who think she is “mistreating” her dogs. 

“I’ve had times when people would tell me I’m ‘mistreating’ Louby by making her do tricks,” she told U.K. website NeedToKnow.Online.


“People don’t understand that training is actually fun for the dogs, as it keeps them mentally stimulated,” she added.

The concept of putting a dog on the internet — and even creating a dedicated social media account for a canine — is not new. 

Amelia Barrable is the owner of 11-year-old West Highland terrier Louby, and two-year-old working cocker spaniel Orbie. (Jam Press)

In the digital age, where everyday people can make money through social media content, thousands of accounts exist just like Barrable’s with dogs, cats and other pets entertaining followers with their personalities.

Training the dogs takes time, Barrable said, adding she always rewards them well. 

“I use positive reinforcement, which means I use rewards to train them — such as toys or treats,” the dog owner said. 


The dogs train for up to 30 minutes each day, depending on how much energy they have, said Barrable.

Barrable adopted Louby in 2012 when Barrable was just 13 years old, saying she has worked with the pup day and night to teach her tricks. (Jam Press)

“When I got Louby, she was a year old and already knew the basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘lie down,’” she said. 


“From there … I moved on to more advanced tricks like ‘cop cop’ (her feet on my feet), ‘arm weave back stall’ and even a handstand,” she said.

She spoils the dogs all the time, she says, adding that she gets Orbie new toys and Louby more food when she begs.

Although there is backlash at times, Barrable said the social media community is normally supportive, according to Jam Press.


“The dog community on Instagram is wonderful, and we all love to support each other and speak to each other about our dogs,” she said. 

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WATCH — Want to be an influencer? What you should know | Video

WATCH — Want to be an influencer? What you should know | Video

How much money do influencers actually make?

Every week, CBC Kids News takes a deep dive into a topic that’s been making headlines. Click the video above or below for this week’s KN Explains.

Imagine making money by posting gameplay videos on YouTube. Or by making TikTok videos about your favourite clothing brand.

If that sounds like a dream job to you, we totally get it.

One in four Gen-Zers said they plan to be a social media influencer, according to a survey done last year by a digital marketing agency called Higher Visibility.

Of those, 27 per cent said they want to be an influencer as a career.

Being an influencer can be tons of fun and eventually bring on all sorts of popularity and glamour.

But hold up. Before you tell MrBeast and Charli D’Amelio to step aside, we have to ask: Is influencing a reliable long-term job?

Content creator Emma Chamberlain, 21, found fame through YouTube, but she’s been posting less consistently lately and now says she’s “pulling back.”

“You can’t do YouTube forever,” Chamberlain said this month in an interview with the New York Times.

“My whole life was on the internet,” she said. “I felt so exposed. I felt so much pressure, and I was scared.”

Taking a step back from YouTube doesn’t mean Chamberlain’s career is over. Instead, she has focused on other business opportunities, like her podcast Anything Goes and her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee. She also recently partnered up with luxury cosmetics brand Lancôme for a marketing campaign.

CBC Kids News contributor Isabelle MacNeil asked an influencer and marketing experts how influencers can find long-term success, and about the good and the bad sides of the job.

From advice to encouragement to warnings — they had lots to say. Watch the video below to find out what they told us.

KN Explains: Influencing as a career ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Have Your Say

This week’s question is all about being an influencer. Share your opinions in the form below.

You can read the answer to last week’s question here:

Have more questions? Want to tell us how we’re doing? Use the “send us feedback” link below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

TOP IMAGE: Markiplier, Marie Stella and Dylan Mulvaney are just some online personalities who have talked about some difficult parts of their jobs. (Image credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Marie Stella, Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; graphic design by Philip Street/CBC)

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You Should Vet Financial Advice From Influencers

You Should Vet Financial Advice From Influencers

Personal finance has hit the mainstream. Open TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter and you’re likely to stumble upon tons of posts offering financial advice from influencers. Dubbed by some publications as “finfluencers,” these content creators cover a ton of different personal finance topics, including advice on how to handle student loan debt, how to create a budget, stock and investing tips. And this content is finding an audience, especially among Gen Z and millennials. In fact, a 2021 online survey of 1,000 adults conducted by the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America-College Retirement Equities Fund, or TIAA, found that millennials and Gen Z respondents spent the most time per week managing their finances, and also that one third of respondents said they trust social media to help them make financial decisions.

But the quality of financial advice from influencers can be inconsistent, and financial decisions carry more risk than other tips found on social media, like trying a new recipe or hairstyle. This makes it all the more important to vet what you’re seeing online to avoid the potential fallout of acting on bad advice.

“I’m happy that social media has increased access to information for people who might be younger investors or from more marginalized communities, but the downside is that there isn’t really any regulation to accompany that education and that’s where problems occur,” Alleson Tate, CFP, founder and principal of Avere Wealth Management, says. And even if you do see good information, you need to consider it within the context of your entire financial picture.

And the line between general education and encouraging risky behavior can be blurry. In December 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged eight influencers with fraud in a $100 million stock manipulation scheme. The court filing alleges the defendants “engaged in a scheme to ‘pump and dump’ securities based on false and misleading information and material omissions about those securities that the defendants published on social media platforms.”

Be aware that not all the information is sound, applicable to you, or the best move for your finances. “It’s nice to take the information and kind of process it, but it doesn’t mean you have to act on it,” says Judi Leahy, senior wealth advisor for U.S. Consumer Wealth Management at Citi. “Social media is completely saturated with all kinds of information and financial hacks, but there really is no shortcut to it, and what I say to my clients is that might work for somebody but it might not work for you.” For example, you may see a video explaining what a Roth IRA is, or how to create a basic budget outline. Knowing about these options can be helpful, but deciding how much of your paycheck to contribute to a Roth IRA—or whether opening one is the best option for you—based on information from a social media post is risky.

Be especially vigilant about advice about investing and purchasing stocks, which all carry some level of risk. “Particularly when talking about investment recommendations, the implementation of that advice is going to be different for every investor,” Tate says. “[Investing principles like] risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives are all missing from the conversation because you can’t discuss all of that in a 60 second video.”

Finance advice red flags

There are some general red flags to watch for when assessing financial advice from influencers, the experts say. Be wary of anything that seems like a get rich quick scheme or that promotes risky behaviors, Leahy says; she cites advice like not paying off your credit card as risky, which could tank your credit score and cause long term issues. Specific stock and investing recommendations are also red flags. Keep in mind that because personal finance is just that—personal—anecdotes about what worked for someone may not be the best fit for you. And don’t trust something just because it went viral. Engagement numbers, like views and follower counts, aren’t a measure of reliability and skill. “Finance is not pop culture,” Leahy says.

How to vet financial advice, including sources and qualifications

One of the toughest aspects of consuming advice online is figuring out what the qualifications are of the people doling out tips. There are certain certifications that professionals can hold to designate that they’re qualified to give financial advice and regulated by federal agencies.

“Anyone can call themselves a financial planner or expert, so that’s really spawned the rise of the Certified Financial Planner, or CFP, [certification], which means that person is legit and is being regulated by an agency,” says Travis Sholin, CFP, a financial advisor at Keystone Financial and adjunct professor of finance at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. “So many people are trying to call themselves experts so we have to have a way to set ourselves apart.”

Licensed professionals are regulated by the SEC, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), or both, he says, and may hold several certifications. “It just depends on how they’re licensed and how the business and their organization is set up.” CFPs create plans that take into account a person’s whole financial picture, while financial advisors focus specifically on stocks and investments.

“Finance is not pop culture.”—Judi Leahy, Senior Wealth Advisor for U.S. Consumer Wealth Management at Citi

The four most common certifications are the series six, seven, 65 and 66 licenses, which mean the professional has passed the appropriate exams and has agreed to follow consumer protection laws—and be penalized if they don’t. “To be able to sell a mutual fund, you have to have a series six or seven, and to sell an individual stock or exchange-traded fund (ETF), you have to have a series 65 or 66,” he explains. He points out that people who don’t hold these licenses aren’t held to these standards. “You don’t see a lot of licensed people posting because everything has to be monitored,” he adds.

They also have to disclose conflicts of interest. (In October, the SEC fined Kim Kardashian $1.26 million for failing to disclose that a crypto company paid her $250,000 to post about their tokens.) Some social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, require people who post to mark if a post contains sponsored content; TikTok’s advertising policy has guidelines about financial videos.

How to get good financial advice

According to the experts interviewed, sound and personalized financial advice doesn’t have to be out of reach, and there is some good information available on social media. They say many certified financial planners and advisors don’t only work with wealthy clients, and are a good check to confirm any financial advice from influencers you’ve seen on social media. Some firms don’t charge minimums and offer free consultations, and other advisors will work with clients on a limited or subscription basis, Tate and Sholin say. Your bank might offer some free or low-cost services, too.

Financial advisors, certified financial planners, and Accredited Asset Management Specialists (AAMS), another type of accredited financial professional, all use clients’ specific interests to tailor plans to them. Dana Palma, CEPA and AAMS, a financial advisor at Edward Jones and board member of the Association of African-American Financial Advisors, says qualified professionals take into account a client’s personal goals, interests and comfort with risk. She recommends searching for advisors on reputable firms’ websites and through organizations that focus on individuals with specific credentials.

There are also some helpful online tools to research investments and to vet the qualifications of people giving financial advice. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) provides a tool called BrokerCheck where consumers can see if a financial professional is registered, holds licenses and has disclosures or settlements. “I’d be wary if the person who was touting information or a stock idea was not a registered person or unaffiliated,” Leahy says.

Federal and state government websites offer education tools, too. In a video posted to the SEC’s Twitter account, SEC chairperson Gary Gensler warned consumers not to turn to celebrities, influencers, and entertainers for investment advice. He encouraged consumers to use the agency’s database, EDGAR, to search a company’s finances and latest filings before making investments. The federal government also provides resources for investors online, and individual states may provide their own resources. For example, California’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation has tools for investors, too.

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MEGA INFLUENCER, JAKE PAUL, AN ENIGMA? Boxing Legend, Mike Tyson DEFENDS Jake Paul's Boxing Career | Kada734

MEGA INFLUENCER, JAKE PAUL, AN ENIGMA? Boxing Legend, Mike Tyson DEFENDS Jake Paul’s Boxing Career | Kada734

There’s no denying that at this point, the name Mike Tyson stands for greatness in the ring. But recently, Tyson has thrown his support behind a surprising figure—controversial YouTuber Jake Paul.


Jake PaulPhoto byRolling Stone

In a recent interview, Tyson has come to Paul’s defense with surprising enthusiasm. He believes that Paul is taking boxing to a new level and sees no reason why Paul can’t be a successful boxer.

Tyson’s endorsement of Paul is unexpected and refreshing, especially considering the intense criticism that Paul’s boxing career has received from other pros in the sport. But Tyson isn’t just backing Jake up out of loyalty; he appears to truly believe in the young fighter’s ability to compete and succeed in the world of boxing.

It’s clear this boxing legend sees something extraordinary in Jake Paul, so let’s take a closer look at what Mike Tyson thinks about this controversial boxer and why he feels so strongly about his skill set. Let’s explore what makes him stand out from other boxers!

Mike Tyson’s Take on Jake Paul


Jake Paul and Mike TysonPhoto byMarca

You’ve certainly heard it before—there’s been a lot of talk in the boxing world about YouTube star Jake Paul’s career in the ring. But what’s Mike Tyson’s take on it? The boxing legend didn’t pull any punches when he defended the young fighter from critics.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT Boxing, ahead of huge fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, Mike Tyson spoke on Paul’s boxing career, and defended him from all the critics. He said:

Well, he do have boxing experience. He boxed before because it shows in his fight that he won against people that he SHOULDN’T have beat.

The boxing legend, Tyson continues:

He’s good for fighting. He’s good for boxing. He makes more money than the champion. He’s an ENIGMA.

An Overview of Jake Paul’s Boxing Career

It’s no secret that professional boxer and YouTube celebrity, Jake Paul is stirring up controversy in the boxing world. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a casual observer, or somewhere in between, one thing is clear – Jake Paul has made quite the splash in the world of boxing.

From his consecutive TKO wins against celebrities including former NBA player Nate Robinson and mixed martial artist Ben Askren to lending his voice as an advocate for social justice, Jake Paul’s career has been anything but low-key. His ambition is clear – he isn’t just looking to gain attention; Jake Paul wants to be respected by the boxing community and prove himself a true contender.


Jake Paul bloodied during his fight against DejiPhoto byMashable

Jake Paul vs Deji: Under his amateur career, on 25th August 2018, Jake Paul fought against Deji (while his brother Logan Paul faced KSI), and won via technical knockout.

Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib: On January 30, 2020, Jake Paul faced Youtuber AnEsonGib (also known as Gib) for his professional boxing debut, and won the fight via TKO at 2:18 in first round.

Jake Paul vs Robinson: On November 28,2020, Jake Paul faced former NBA player Nate Robinson, and won the fight via KO at 1:24 in second round.

Jake Paul vs Askren: Jake Paul and former Bellator MMA and ONE Welterweight Champion Askren went back and forth in social media, leading to fight on April 17, 2021 in Atlanta. Paul defeated Askren via TKO in 1:59 in round 1. The event is reported to generate 1.45 million pay-per-view buys in Triller; however, the legitimacy of the match has been heavily criticized by many fans, multi-personalities, MMA fighters, and boxers.

Jake Paul vs Woodley I: Before the main event; Jake Paul vs Askren, Paul and his cornermen J’Leon Love mocked the boxing of former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. On August 29, 2021, Jake Paul won the fight by split decision.

Jake Paul vs Woodley II: Tom Fury vs Jake Paul was originally decided, but Furry pulled out due to medical issues. Tyron Woodley, then replaced Fury for the rematch, where Paul defeated Woodley via KO at 2:12 of the 6th round. The knockout was the KO of the year according to DAZN and ESPN.

Jake Paul vs Silva: On October 29, 2022, Jake Paul and former UFC champion and legend, Anderson Silva shared ring where Paul defeated Silva by unanimous decision with scores of 78-73(twice) and 77-74.

Why Is Jake Paul Criticized for Boxing?

Lack of Experience

There have been those who have pointed to the lack of experience and training from Jake Paul as a source of criticism. Obviously, it only takes years of training and dedication to reach a level such as Mike Tyson’s – but with an undefeated record in six professional boxing fights, Jake Paul has proven that one doesn’t need prior experience to be successful in the sport.

Age Difference

Another reason why many believe that Jake Paul shouldn’t be allowed to box is because of the age difference between him and his opponents.

Public Perception

Finally, there are those who just don’t take Jake Paul seriously as an athlete due to his public persona outside of the ring. This criticism may not be entirely valid as it has no bearing on how one performs inside the ring – but it does play into public perception which can ultimately have an influence over whether someone wants to watch or not.

Regardless of the amount of criticism directed at him, one thing we can all agree on is that Jake Paul holds his own when it comes to boxing — and having Mike Tyson vouch for him adds even greater credibility!

Will Jake Paul Make a Name for Himself Within the Industry?

When it comes to the question of whether or not Jake Paul will make a name for himself within the industry, even boxing legend Mike Tyson has something to say! In an interview, Tyson was asked about Jake Paul’s performance in the ring and he had some surprisingly encouraging words.

He’s beating people who he shouldn’t really be beating and you’ve got to give him that credit.

Tyson was quick to answer critics:

He’s helping everybody get money, so why are people mad at him?

We can’t help but think that if even a legendary athlete such as Tyson is praising Paul, then he must have something special.

It remains to be seen just how far Jake Paul will go in his boxing career; only time will tell!

Watch Full 2 MINUTES Interview of “talkSPORT Boxing” with Mike Tyson on calling Jake Paul an ENIGMA in this link

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