'Honey it will get better'

‘Honey it will get better’

This TikToker resonated with audiences after posting a candid and emotional video on the digital platform.

Beth Anne Brice (@bethannebrice), a college student and influencer with 1 million followers, shared a 58-second video describing how her day doesn’t go as planned.

“Like, I am OK. Like, I’m also on the verge of not being OK,” she begins.

Beth goes on to describe what happened.

“I was gonna go to this Pilates class at 4, and it was a 50-minute class. So from 4 to 4:50. Fire. Then I’m going to babysitting at 5:30. Perfect, I can even pick up Chipotle on the way,” she says.

Traffic, however, derailed her schedule. As a result, she didn’t make it to her Pilates class.

“I didn’t make it to my 4 p.m. class. Well, I took pre-workout before, so my heart is racing as I’m sitting in this traffic, and it’s making me so angry, right?”

After deciding to go to a different gym, Beth says she opened her center console to retrieve her headphones and found a photo of her dog, who had passed away.

“And it’s just like, I miss you,” she says while looking at the photo.

Her voice trembles as she processes it all.

“And like, I wish that there wasn’t all that traffic and that I made it and my day would’ve actually gone as planned ” she says before abruptly stopping.

Beth then pulls down her mirror and looks at herself.

“You need to stop. You need to stop,” she asserts before wiping her tears away.

In the week her video has been on TikTok, it’s garnered 2.4 million views and more than 452,900 likes. Users have taken to the comments to show Beth their support.

“The ‘you need to stop’ in the mirror is so relatable,” wrote @an.marsala.

“The deep breath trembling is so so real. WOW. Honey it will get better,” commented @vanee_hnm135.

“You being sad breaks my heart,” said @mrsabbywalker.

While the internet often feels saturated with people who only show the best parts of themselves, influencers like Beth remind us that it’s OK to break down and cry it out.

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