Influencer Krishna Shroff talks about getting fit

Influencer Krishna Shroff Talks About Getting Fit

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New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANSlife) Due to concerns with comfort and confidence, women used to avoid going to the gym or wellness centres to exercise. They used to be scared of fitness, but in today’s society, they are dominating it on a global scale.

MuscleBlaze, a sports nutrition company, recently launched their ‘Ladies Who Lift’ campaign, featuring Krishna Shroff. It also has an all-female collaboration song called ‘Ni Aar Di – Ladies Who Lift’, celebrate a woman’s undying spirit and enthusiasm for lifting. With this campaign it hopes to inspire more women to exercise and emphasises the benefits of doing so.

Krishna Shroff has made a career out of her enthusiasm for exercise and is the ideal example of a fit woman. Other notable women achievers from various backgrounds in the song, are fitness model Jyoti Solanki, para athlete Nisha Gupta, national medal-winning gymnast Parul Arora, athlete and entrepreneur Vaishali Bhoir, and former taekwondo player Shraddha Rangarh.

Reflecting on the latest campaign, Kaustav Paliwal, Business Head, MuscleBlaze said, ‘With this campaign we are expressing to ignite today’s superwoman’s fire to be fit, healthy and ace every aspect of their fitness journey despite the busy life they pursue. We not only support Ladies who Lift but have their backs to follow their dreams regardless of challenges that they may be facing. With this campaign, we hope to dispel the myth that consuming supplements and protein is a barrier to staying fit in women. We want to emphasize the relevance of nutrients for women, regardless of gender bias, with the anthem song, which features the iconic fitness buff Krishna Shroff.’

IANSlife spoke to Shroff about her fitness journey. Read excerpts:

What led you to embark on your fitness journey?

Krishna: Fitness is something I wish I had found at a much earlier stage in life, as it’s changed it forever. When I began my fitness journey about 5 and a half years ago, I did so because I decided I needed to do something transformational for myself. As I continued my journey, what really kept me consistent was not just the physical changes I was seeing in my body and the progression each week; it was also the mental shift I gained. It gave me a new-found sense of confidence, drive, and discipline that I had greatly lacked in my life before.

Lifting weights is mistakenly perceived to bulk women’s figures, however it does the opposite and chisels out slender and fit bodies, do you agree?

Krishna: It’s physically impossible for a woman to get as bulky or as big as a man would simply due to the fact that we don’t possess even close to the same amount of testosterone that they do. Lifting weights is a great way to build the physique you strive for, whether it’s to get bigger or gain lean muscle mass and look more shredded. However, the main culprit is your diet. Lifting weights, however, does in fact add more muscle mass to your body, and muscle takes up less space than fat does, making you look leaner as you get more toned.

Do you feel women in India are not as enthusiastic about their fitness as compared to the rest of the world and why?

Krishna: No, I don’t believe that. Fitness is, in my opinion, the most dynamic sector of the global economy right now. It includes both the present and the future. Women all over the world are focusing on their physical, mental, spiritual/emotional, and general wellness in addition to becoming more body conscious.

Abs are made in the kitchen, do you agree and what is your meal plan?

Krishna: 100 per cent ! The majority of the game is your nutrition plan, perhaps even 80 per cent. You won’t get the results you want if you work out hard in the gym but don’t supplement your workouts with the right food. Additionally, despite the fact that I hardly ever train my core, many people assume I am at the gym doing 1000 sit-ups. Heavy compound lifts like the deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, and squat all intensely engage your core and can greatly strengthen it.

In fact, MuscleBlaze’s #LWL campaign aims to connect with female audiences by raising awareness about the importance of nutrition while working out.

How does it feel to be a fitness influencer?

Krishna: It’s one of the most rewarding things in life! I consider myself fortunate to be able to impart knowledge and encourage healthier living among individuals all around the world. Your health comes first, and without it, nothing else matters. I will always be grateful that I discovered fitness.

I’m so excited to collaborate with MuscleBlaze for the #LWL campaign. Ladies Who Lift to me, is about both being empowered from within and striving to empower others around you. It resembles being the best version one can be, fueling yourself with what nourishes you to push boundaries, and setting your own goals every single day to see your body and mind’s capabilities. LWL brings strong, fierce women from diverse backgrounds together to help motivate and inspire others and I’m really happy to have gotten an opportunity to be a role model for so many women out there.

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