Influencer shares story from footballers' party in Barcelona: He chased me and I locked myself in the bathroom...

Influencer shares story from footballers’ party in Barcelona: He chased me and I locked myself in the bathroom…

Following the case of Dani Alves, who is still being held in custody accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, there have been some other allegations made against footballers.

This week, for example, a young woman reported an alleged incident involving PSG player Achraf Hakimi.

Now an influencer named Tatiana Kisiel has opened up about a unpleasant experience she claims to have had at a party with footballers in the city of Barcelona.

“I left there crying and obviously I wouldn’t go back to a footballers’ party,” Kisiel explained on TikTok.

“The guys were arrogant and stupid, like 90 percent of football players.

“When we got there, the first thing they did was to ask you leave your cell phone at the reception, something I didn’t do because I wasn’t planning to stay in a closed place, without windows and without being able to communicate. I didn’t trust them at all.”

Tatiana Kisiel’s bad experience with a footballer

The influencer said that the party was held in a place where there were about 50 women who were waiting for the arrival of the football players.

“We were all there waiting for the players to arrive, and I wish they had not come because the party was better without them,” she added.

“On my way to the bathroom I met one of the players shouting at one of the girls and I started to record it.

“He realized it and started to chase me. I locked myself in the bathroom and he was banging on the door until he got me to leave and erase the video.”

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