MEGA INFLUENCER, JAKE PAUL, AN ENIGMA? Boxing Legend, Mike Tyson DEFENDS Jake Paul's Boxing Career | Kada734

MEGA INFLUENCER, JAKE PAUL, AN ENIGMA? Boxing Legend, Mike Tyson DEFENDS Jake Paul’s Boxing Career | Kada734

There’s no denying that at this point, the name Mike Tyson stands for greatness in the ring. But recently, Tyson has thrown his support behind a surprising figure—controversial YouTuber Jake Paul.

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In a recent interview, Tyson has come to Paul’s defense with surprising enthusiasm. He believes that Paul is taking boxing to a new level and sees no reason why Paul can’t be a successful boxer.

Tyson’s endorsement of Paul is unexpected and refreshing, especially considering the intense criticism that Paul’s boxing career has received from other pros in the sport. But Tyson isn’t just backing Jake up out of loyalty; he appears to truly believe in the young fighter’s ability to compete and succeed in the world of boxing.

It’s clear this boxing legend sees something extraordinary in Jake Paul, so let’s take a closer look at what Mike Tyson thinks about this controversial boxer and why he feels so strongly about his skill set. Let’s explore what makes him stand out from other boxers!

Mike Tyson’s Take on Jake Paul

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You’ve certainly heard it before—there’s been a lot of talk in the boxing world about YouTube star Jake Paul’s career in the ring. But what’s Mike Tyson’s take on it? The boxing legend didn’t pull any punches when he defended the young fighter from critics.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT Boxing, ahead of huge fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, Mike Tyson spoke on Paul’s boxing career, and defended him from all the critics. He said:

Well, he do have boxing experience. He boxed before because it shows in his fight that he won against people that he SHOULDN’T have beat.

The boxing legend, Tyson continues:

He’s good for fighting. He’s good for boxing. He makes more money than the champion. He’s an ENIGMA.

An Overview of Jake Paul’s Boxing Career

It’s no secret that professional boxer and YouTube celebrity, Jake Paul is stirring up controversy in the boxing world. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a casual observer, or somewhere in between, one thing is clear – Jake Paul has made quite the splash in the world of boxing.

From his consecutive TKO wins against celebrities including former NBA player Nate Robinson and mixed martial artist Ben Askren to lending his voice as an advocate for social justice, Jake Paul’s career has been anything but low-key. His ambition is clear – he isn’t just looking to gain attention; Jake Paul wants to be respected by the boxing community and prove himself a true contender.

Jake Paul bloodied during his fight against DejiPhoto byMashable

Jake Paul vs Deji: Under his amateur career, on 25th August 2018, Jake Paul fought against Deji (while his brother Logan Paul faced KSI), and won via technical knockout.

Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib: On January 30, 2020, Jake Paul faced Youtuber AnEsonGib (also known as Gib) for his professional boxing debut, and won the fight via TKO at 2:18 in first round.

Jake Paul vs Robinson: On November 28,2020, Jake Paul faced former NBA player Nate Robinson, and won the fight via KO at 1:24 in second round.

Jake Paul vs Askren: Jake Paul and former Bellator MMA and ONE Welterweight Champion Askren went back and forth in social media, leading to fight on April 17, 2021 in Atlanta. Paul defeated Askren via TKO in 1:59 in round 1. The event is reported to generate 1.45 million pay-per-view buys in Triller; however, the legitimacy of the match has been heavily criticized by many fans, multi-personalities, MMA fighters, and boxers.

Jake Paul vs Woodley I: Before the main event; Jake Paul vs Askren, Paul and his cornermen J’Leon Love mocked the boxing of former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. On August 29, 2021, Jake Paul won the fight by split decision.

Jake Paul vs Woodley II: Tom Fury vs Jake Paul was originally decided, but Furry pulled out due to medical issues. Tyron Woodley, then replaced Fury for the rematch, where Paul defeated Woodley via KO at 2:12 of the 6th round. The knockout was the KO of the year according to DAZN and ESPN.

Jake Paul vs Silva: On October 29, 2022, Jake Paul and former UFC champion and legend, Anderson Silva shared ring where Paul defeated Silva by unanimous decision with scores of 78-73(twice) and 77-74.

Why Is Jake Paul Criticized for Boxing?

Lack of Experience

There have been those who have pointed to the lack of experience and training from Jake Paul as a source of criticism. Obviously, it only takes years of training and dedication to reach a level such as Mike Tyson’s – but with an undefeated record in six professional boxing fights, Jake Paul has proven that one doesn’t need prior experience to be successful in the sport.

Age Difference

Another reason why many believe that Jake Paul shouldn’t be allowed to box is because of the age difference between him and his opponents.

Public Perception

Finally, there are those who just don’t take Jake Paul seriously as an athlete due to his public persona outside of the ring. This criticism may not be entirely valid as it has no bearing on how one performs inside the ring – but it does play into public perception which can ultimately have an influence over whether someone wants to watch or not.

Regardless of the amount of criticism directed at him, one thing we can all agree on is that Jake Paul holds his own when it comes to boxing — and having Mike Tyson vouch for him adds even greater credibility!

Will Jake Paul Make a Name for Himself Within the Industry?

When it comes to the question of whether or not Jake Paul will make a name for himself within the industry, even boxing legend Mike Tyson has something to say! In an interview, Tyson was asked about Jake Paul’s performance in the ring and he had some surprisingly encouraging words.

He’s beating people who he shouldn’t really be beating and you’ve got to give him that credit.

Tyson was quick to answer critics:

He’s helping everybody get money, so why are people mad at him?

We can’t help but think that if even a legendary athlete such as Tyson is praising Paul, then he must have something special.

It remains to be seen just how far Jake Paul will go in his boxing career; only time will tell!

Watch Full 2 MINUTES Interview of “talkSPORT Boxing” with Mike Tyson on calling Jake Paul an ENIGMA in this link

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