TikTok Influencer Goes Viral Joking About Marrying Her Stepdad – OutKick

TikTok Influencer Goes Viral Joking About Marrying Her Stepdad – OutKick

The world is a crazy place and social media isn’t helping at all. The latest example of this comes from a TikTok influencer who recently tied the knot.

Christywho_, who has 108,000 TikTok followers, posted a video on the social media app joking about her recent Las Vegas wedding. The text overlay of the clip reads, “Marrying my step dad was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Influencer jokes about marrying her stepdad (Image Credit: Christywho_/TikTok)

She added the hashtags “marry your mom’s ex” and “it’s worth it” to sell the fact that she had just tied the knot with her stepdad. More than 20 million views later the video is still up and is still getting a ton of attention.

The six second video shows the newlyweds celebrating the fact that they had just exchanged vows and made their marriage official. Well, prior to the wedding night anyway.

The bride, as one does when a video goes insanely viral, had to drop a follow-up video to “clear some things up.” She then goes through a series of questions that were undoubtedly asked in the comment section.

  • Was I ‘groomed’?
  • Did my step dad raise me?
  • Was I a minor when I met him?
  • Do me and my mom still talk?
  • Did he have kids with my mom?

All of the answers to the questions in the follow-up clip were no. Except for the one about her and her mom still talking. That answer was a yes.

So as of right now, we’ve got a heavily tattooed woman who has married her stepdad. But she wasn’t groomed, he didn’t raise her because they met as adults, she’s still on good terms with her mother, and her mom never had any kids with him.

All of that seems like a reasonable story. Like most, I’m a sucker for a good stepdad and adult stepdaughter love story. We can’t help who we fall in love with.

Except this love story is all a lie. Well, not the fact that these two got hitched in Vegas. That part is apparently real. But he’s not her stepdad. The internet has been duped.

Days after dropping the stepdad story and dragging it out, Christywho_ finally came clean. She shared the real story about how her “stepdad” was actually her deceased brother’s best friend.

Marrying your stepdad is one thing, but your brother’s best friend – that crosses the line. I wish them luck, but I hope for the sake of their kids they’re in counseling.

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