We are country girl and buckle bunny influencers

We are country girl and buckle bunny influencers

THESE country girls who live in a Western TikTok influencer house have risen to fame, and trolls may hate on them but they don’t care because the haters will never be as successful.

TikTokers Taylor Rousseau, Elva Steinmetz, and Amanda Simmons live together along with two cowboys Luke Scornavacco and Cameron Grigg, in what they call the Tac House.

The Tac House has risen to fame on TikTokCredit: TikTok
Trolls may hate on them but they don’t care because the haters will never be ‘as successful’ as themCredit: TikTok
The cowgirls in the house get called Buckle Bunnies, but they turned the derogatory term into a positive oneCredit: TikTok

The group posted its first TikTok in August 2022 and has already amassed 416,800 followers and 15million likes.

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, members of the Tac House said: “I think our followers enjoy watching us because we are a house full of differences, every one of us comes from a slightly different background.”

The TikTokers typically post silly videos of their antics around their Texas house or outside with their pigs and horses.

“I think most of our followers enjoy watching us because of our comedic videos.

“We are able to turn things about the Western industry into comedy.”

In one video, Taylor and Amanda are dolled up in flashy outfits with cowgirl boots covered in fringe and sparkles.

The comedic post has text that reads: “When the boys tell us we can’t overdress” for the rodeo.

But the caption reads: “What can I say…. They’re the queens of Western fashion.”

While the Tac House has many supporters, they do get trolled online.

The girls get called buckle bunnies, which is a derogatory term used to describe cowgirls that dress up to attract cowboys.

“Taylor did her best to try to change the perspective on the term,” the Tac House said. 

“Where people try to use it to belittle or degrade women in the industry, we all now use it as a compliment. 

“Yes, we dress cute and work hard #queenbucklebunny.”

The group decides to focus on those that support them, rather than the haters who they claim will never be “as successful” as them.

“At the end of the day in every industry you work in, you will find people that don’t want to see your success,” the members said.

“Our motto here at The Tac House is a quote from the great David Goggins: ‘You will never find a hater as successful as you.’

“We decide to stay true to ourselves, and work every day to put a smile on our followers’ faces.

The Tac House knows that “for every one person that is hating on us, there is equally another, that we have made a positive impact on, and helped influence their life in a good way.”

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